Wednesday, February 13, 2008

I close my eyes and fly out of my mind...

... into the fire [Sunny Came Home, Shawn Colvin]

I would just like to say that burning down your house is more than a few small repairs, and in that same vein, to call it coming home with a vengeance is quite the understatement.

Only Becca P. will likely have any idea what I am talking about.

In other news, I really think today should be Thursday. My mind and body both think it's Thursday. To be quite frank, I was rather pissed off when I suddenly realized that it's only Wednesday.


There really isn't a lot of purpose to this post, other than to say that Jason and I are well, and that we're just really busy. Because I like these things, let me share with you our normal week.

Monday: Up at 6:30 (Ok, I hit snooze from like 5:52 until 6:45. Bite me.), shower, quiet time, grab a bite to eat in truck, Jas drops me off at work. Work 8-5. Jas picks me up, we go straight to the gym, and usually get home between 7:30-8, depending on traffic, how full the gym was, etc. Monday's at the gym are always busy. Then we eat a salad (usually spinach and salmon, with various additives), do our Community Group Bible study together, read our Community Group book, pray together between 9:45 and 10, and try really hard to be in bed with the lights out at 10:15. Monday nights, btw, are no TV night. It's rather wonderful. This means that we watch American Gladiators later in the week, but next week is the finale so that's happy- less TV!

Tuesday: Same deal with getting up and work. Then, after work, we get home around 5:30, eat a quick dinner (usually something like stir fry that's all ready to just be cooked up real quick), and leave for Community Group (basically, the small groups at Mars Hill, our church) at about 6:40. We usually get home around 9. Then I try to squeeze in watching The Biggest Loser and American Idol before 10 as much as I can. This means that we usually get to bed around 11. Sometimes J watches the shows with me, and sometimes he putzes around on the internet under the premise that he's blogging. We pray and then it's sleepy time.

Wednesday: Wednesday is, for all intent and purpose, the same as Tuesday, except that we have Gospel Class at the Ballard campus of Mars Hill. This means we have to leave around 6:15 because it's in inner Seattle and we live in the suburban sprawl that is Bothelliarmus. We tend to get home close to 9, and I watch American Idol and I work on making J watch with me :)

Thursday: Pretty much the same as Monday, except that after the gym we get home, scarf down our salads, and then jet back out at about 8 to go watch Survivor and LOST with friends from our Young Married's group. We usually get home around 10:30 from that, and pretty much go right to bed.

Friday: Getting up and going to work is the same as every other day, and then once we get home around 5:30 it just depends on the week. On the first and third Friday of each month we have our Young Married's Bible Study. It's technically supposed to be a group from our old church, but over half of the couples don't go to that church, either, so it's just more of a bunch of people who love Jesus and one another. It's grand. On the non-YM's weeks, it's a blessed night off. We usually veg on the couch on those weeks, grateful that we got through another busy week, and grateful to just be together, resting. These nights tend to include lots of Law and Order- both the original and SVU. Oh, and Celebrity Apprentice, because it rocks. We still aim to get to bed by about 11-ish.

Saturday: We try to get up by about 8. J is better at this... I tend toward 9, and if we stayed up too late on Friday, then closer to 10. Jas works lunch shift delivering food, so he tries to go to the gym to swim in the morning beforehand (his shift starts toward 11, but varies), and I usually do a DVD at home to get in a solid cardio workout. He usually doesn't get home until about 3, sometimes 4, so I try to clean the apartment. If I'm lazy then I just veg on the couch and catch up on shows from the week that we didn't have time to watch that J doesn't care about (think ANTM). I try to be good about not doing that, though. Once J gets home, we usually leave again by 6 at the latest to go shopping at Trader Joe's for the weeks grocery run, and then Saturday night is date night. If money flow is decent, we might go out, but we usually tend to make a yummy (healthy) dinner and do a Netflix. Once again, the aim for bed is 11, but tends toward midnight on Saturdays.

Sunday: We just recently decided to start attending the 9am service at church, which means we have to be up and showered and out the door by 8:15. This weekend, however, we are starting to serve as greeters, and for that we have to be there at 8:20 to pray first, so we need to leave by 7:40. YUCK. Greeting is every other week, so that's nice. We were going to the 11, but J loves getting out of church at 10:30. After church, we stop at Costco and get a rotisserie chicken and usually milk :) Then we go home, eat the drumsticks off the chicken for lunch (and J eats the wings because he LOVES them), and then I use the breast to make a chicken salad that then becomes our pre-workout meals that we eat on Mon & Thurs around 5 so that we don't pass out during our workout. I should put the general recipe on my foode blog because it's yummy and healthy. Maybe sometime :) Anyway, usually we would watch football... my life is now empty and I dunno what we'll do on those afternoons. Maybe play board games, or if it's not raining, we'll go for a walk.

[Insert: That's right, it rains in Seattle CONSTANTLY. It sucks. So don't move here. Ever. Does that scare you away? I hope so. And please tell all your friends, especially if they are from out of state.]

Jas just recently decided to work his food delivery job on Sunday evenings to help out a little financially, so that will likely be from 4-9 most Sundays. I'm not sure what I'll do. Probably get meals all prepped for quick cooking for the week. And watch Extreme Makeover Home Edition b/c I LOVE it!! Then we'll go to bed around 10 and Monday it will start all over.

I told you we are busy. And for Jas, until May, he does all of his pools during the first week of the month, and then after that he cleans his weekly units on Thursdays and does lunch shifts delivering food all of the other days. On those days he goes to Starbucks to read after he drops me off at work, does his lunch shift, then either cleans a few leftover pools he didn't didn't get to in the first month, or goes home, ostensibly to clean up a little and get in some blogging. Usually this means he reads about politics for hours on end until it's time to come pick me up.

Whew! That's our life. Ugh. It makes me tired just to write about it. I'm sure others are just as, if not more, busy. But now you know :)

PS We can't wait for The Office to come back, and possibly Heroes. Plus, I miss Grey's Anatomy. Not like a heck ton, but I do miss it.