Saturday, April 14, 2007

Take my hand now, we'll run forever...

... I'll stay with you [Stay With You, Goo Goo Dolls]

This blog is dedicated to the relationship of Jason and Tami :) We got engaged a week and a half ago! Here's the story from Tami's POV...

I knew Jas would be waiting for me when I got home but I wasn't sure where he'd be or how things would happen. I knew also that Jas wanted to propose almost the minute he saw me, so I was full of anticipation!

I got home, and called out for him... nothing. So I checked quickly upstairs, but nothing. I went downstairs to my room and found that he had placed some gifts on my bed (two DVD's- The Pursuit of Happyness and Stranger than Fiction, a baseball he caught at a Mariner's game, some cream for rubbing my feet, and... a CD of Weird Al Yankovic songs. Yup, true story.) But there was no Jason in my room. I looked in the closet, behind the door, in the shower in the bathroom, all throughout the basement, in the downstairs garage, and then outside... but then I realized that if he was outside on the deck and I saw him from down below that would ruin his mojo, so I went upstairs, looked outside on the deck, saw no Jason, and started to get annoyed! I looked EVERYWHERE. Ev. Ree. WHERE. Argh!

After some frustration and ten minutes of scouring my house, I finally went back to my room to see if somehow Jas had squeezed into a cabinet. And... alas, there he was, sitting in my desk chair! We embraced, and just enjoyed finally being in one another's presence after so many months apart (we last saw each other in January). After a while, Jason started telling me about how blessed he is to have been blessed by God in this amazing love story that the Lord has written.

The things he said were beautiful and wonderful and melted my heart... too bad I remember so few of them! It was so good that I started to wonder if he had written it and then memorized it-and just as that occurred to me he said, "I was going to write this down, but then I realized that I'm best with you when things just flow naturally, so this is coming straight from my heart." Well, those weren't the exact words, but that was certainly pretty close to what he said!

Then he said, "You got some presents from me already, but I brought you something else." Then he turned and got the ring box, got on one knee and... said really wonderful things about Christ being the center of our relationship, me being far beyond the woman of his dreams, and how he's been so blessed to have been a part of God writing our love story to this point, and he asked me to join him in allowing God to write our love story for the rest of our lives. Then he said something along the lines of if I'd grant him the immeasurable joy of becoming his wife (I might be making that up! I need him to help me out there!) and opened the ring box... I just stared at him and nodded my head.

I then of course, "Yes! I mean, I need to say it out loud! Yes, Jason, I'll marry you!". It was grand. And he of course laughed because all I could seem to do was nod my head and not give an actual answer :) It was so sweet and wonderful and... I love him! I can't wait to marry him!

So that's the engagement story. Later I'll tell you more about the rest of our week together, and for those uninformed, sooner or later there will be the "how we met and the rest of our story". But, for now, here's a link to see pictures of our week together!

Spring Break '07-- Jas and Tami!!