Tuesday, June 12, 2007

There's a meaning to the world

...we're giving love.
[Meaning, Gavin DeGraw]

All right, so it's been 87 years. Sorry about that. I've been BUSY. And then busier.

School ended last Friday. All weekend I worked on packing at my house, and saying good-byes. I tried to believe that this is actually my life, that school is ending and that who I have been for two years is segueing into someone else. From Mz. TK to Mrs. Hagglund. It's real, but still sure doesn't feel like it.

Jason is doing all of his pools in 3 days while still picking up a DDP shift tonight. That man is amazing. And all mine :)

He flies out tomorrow night on a red-eye from SeaTac to RDU (Raleigh-Durham). He should get to NC by 8:30 Thursday morning, eastern time. Then he'll go pick up the U-Haul, drive to my house, where I will be 100% packed and waiting. We'll load the truck, steal some time for kisses (you KNOW that's right!), and then go get my stuff from school. While there I'll tie up a few loose ends, hopefully pick up my bonus check, go to the bank, and then, in a wonderful world, hit the road by 4 pm.

From there, it's 16 hours and 978 miles to lovely Darla in the middle of a cornfield in Iowa. Yup- we're driving through the night. I prefer it that way. Less traffic, and I like the night :) We'll have my sexy iPod to keep us up on the sweet tunes, and likely his Nano is coming back east as well, so between us we'll be fine.

We should get in around 10 am Friday. We'll sleep for 6 or so hours, eat a delicious dinner made by my darling Darla, then hit the road again by 8:30 pm. Then it's 1,500 miles and 21 hours (that's without stops, PS) to the big Missoula, MT. We gain an hour again, but will probably get in around 9 or 10 at night on Saturday. We'll have to stop for gas, but beyond that I'm all about just GETTING there asap.

The plan is to spend Sunday with Jas' dad and stepmother, and possibly to see his brother, and then to hit the road again Monday. We gain another hour, but it's almost 500 miles and another 7 hours. We'll try to hit the road by like 7 am so we can get to the apartment, sign the papers, unload the truck, and try to just rest. Tuesday will be spent unpacking, figuring out what we need to purchase, etc, and then Jas gets back to work Wednesday.

So... yeah. You likely won't hear from us for about a week. Hopefully the next time you do it will be to hear that we are settling me into what will be our apartment when we get married!