Monday, July 2, 2007

Your praise becomes my song

[Filled With Your Glory, Starfield]

BUSY! Ahhh! Ergo, bullet points :)

  • Starfield is an amazing band. Seriously. Go buy and download their self-titled album on iTunes. Right. This. Second.

  • Jas and I arrived safely 2 1/2 weeks ago here in Bothellopolis. Or Bothell. Whatever.

  • I LOVE the new apartment! It's big and nice and like 3 minutes from I-405. I'm learning my way around the area decently well, so that's happy too :) Pics shall come when I have a wee bit more time :)

  • We've been SUPER busy. We registered, which was REALLY fun, bought the stuff we need now that can't wait for the hopes of being a wedding gift, I've worked on all that comes with moving to a completely new place, etc. Not to mention that Jas is still working 85 or so hours a week. And I've been trying to keep things rolling with wedding planning. Yowza.

  • We went camping for 2 1/2 days last weekend at Steamboat Rock. Despite reapplying SPF 45 about 6 times in 5 hours I still got a sunburn. LAME. But I then put on aloe vera like 5 times a day so no peeling, which is REALLY nice :) Once again, pics to come when I haves me a little time.

  • I went to my first few Marier's games at Safeco. I. LOVE. IT. Jason and I are already plotting for how soon we can become season ticket holders! I am not kidding. We're pretty sure we're going to do like at least the 16 game pack next year or something. I love the Mariners. I really need to start praying everyday that we can re-sign Ichiro since he's becoming a free agent after this season. Oh, and I really love the Red Sox but we went to the first game in the series sweep and... well, Boston fans are really horribly obnoxious. Sort of tainted my love a little. I was torn between two loves, but the lameness of the vast majority of the Sox fans inspired me to REALLY cheer on the M's, and I'm sure glad I did because I am quite certain that my yells were what spurred the M's to victory.

  • OOOOOOHHHHHHH! In my first four viewings of Seattle at bats at my first game, in which I got to see Ken Griffey, Jr, who was visiting with the Reds, play, I also saw my first grand salami! Seriously- three guys up to the plate and then on base, and then BOOM, grand slam out o' the park. It was SWEET! Oh, and Safeco calls home runs "funk blasts" and grand slams "funk slams" and they play, "We want the funk, gotta have that funk" every time someone (well, a Mariner) hits a home run and it's always stuck in my head now!! We saw quite a few home runs in our two outings thus far.

  • I've been working on invitations, coordinating with bridal shower plans, and a wedding website. All of that info is to come :)

  • I got a job! Starting tomorrow I'll be working at the Alderwood Water District doing reception/clerical work. Exactly what I want :) And it's a temp position through August 24, so I'll be able to take a few weeks off right when things kick into CRAZY for wedding stuffs. Plus, it's really close to the apartment (like a 15 minute drive, but only 7 miles) which is also lovely. And it pays pretty well. Then, I'll look for something a little better and more permanent after la wedding. Yay!

  • Aight, I need to spend some time with the Lord, and then be off to Trader Joe's and Costco.