Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Duran Duran is still cool.

So... it's been 87 years. We apologize for that. This will be very short, too, so sorry for robbing y'all. Here goes:

*Tami got a job! Yay! She works in the corporate offices of an international spa manufacturer. She has her own ofice. Good times.

*Jason is studying for law school and still working two jobs. It's insane!

*We're both getting heavily involved at church, which keeps us quite busy. We have AWESOME youth, though, so it's pretty great! We are excited about an upcoming youth retreat in two weeks.

*We are having a wedding reception in Spokane this weekend- yay! It's going to be so fun just to see the wonderful people from Tami's church from her college years. It will be a sweet homecoming.

*The lovely but sick Acura was finally on the brink of drivability (yah, not a word. Bite me.) until... we got up Sunday morning to go to church and it was gone. Tragically, Goldie is missing. If you see her, let us know. Thankfully, Tami is a genius and had comprehensive insurance. The best $9 a month she ever spent, I tell you! So now we have a 2007 Corolla to drive for three weeks, unless the Acura shows up. If it's totalled, we get a check. If it's not totalled we just pay a hundred bucks and get her fixed up.

So... I (Tami... I know I have switched around in my person status... first, third, meh) have it figured out. My car was great for two years in Carolina. Thus, I am not generically car cursed. I am merely car cursed in WASHINGTON.

The good news is we have total peace and trust that God's will is for our best and we seek to honor Him and endure through whatever trials come our way, for we know that the testing of our faith develops perseverance.

We love you all and will continually try to do better at this updating business!

PS Tami is 26 as of October 16th! Nuts! Old woman!

PPS Go Red Sox! And Patriots! And yay that the Seahawks weren't horrible this week! :)