Friday, September 28, 2007

I see it in your eyes, I see it in your eyes

[Wires, Athlete]

Just a short and sweetie :)

It's almost October! It's my absolute favorite month ever. I love the way the air is changing, with that crispy crunch that sneaks into my lungs when I breathe in. The daylight is a little shorter, thus lengthening hours conducive to snuggling with my man.

In other news, yes, my big 2-6 is quickly approaching. I'm excited. I think wonderful things will happen during my year on this earth marked by twenty-six notches. I like even numbers better than odd numbers, which makes 26 far superior to 25 (no offense, 25- I know we have 19 days left together).

October 16 seriously is a great day. I like the roundness in it- October has a lot of rounded letters, and then the 6 just really polishes everything off. Plus, my birthday seriously turns up a LOT in books and movies and such. Example: just in the last 2 days Becca wrote me to tell me that Sweeney Todd's (fictional character, soon to be immortalized onscreen by the incomparable Johnny Depp) birthday is October 16, and then I was reading my current novel of choice, Farenheit 451, and it references October 16 as the day some heretical man was burned at the stake in I think 1555.

So... my birthday commemorates the birth of a serial killer and the death of a man burned at the stake.

I told you it was a great day.