Sunday, November 18, 2007

Just for Bekah :)

Bekah tagged me because I rarely blog (I've slacked! I have to get better about it!) so I am doing this for her :)

You're supposed to tag people and stuff but I'm not gonna.

So here are some random things about me…

1. I've been married for 10 weeks and one day. It feels like a lifetime, in a good way.

2. I don't like the sun. No, seriously, I burn crazy fast even with 50 SPF every half hour, and I don't like being hot. Plus, I have a mild allergy to the sun so when I burn I get really sick. I get way more colds in the summer than the winter because the sun zaps my immune system. Ergo, no me gusta el sol. Or whatever.

3. My husband Jason and I have listened to almost 25 Mark Driscoll sermons in about five days. Not kidding. It's turning our lives inside out in the best way possible!

4. I have a rule that I can't turn on the TV until 8 pm each night. I DVR things throughout the week, and then I can only watch what I DVR'd between 8 and 10:30 or so; if I can't fit it all in then a show has to go. This way I get things done and have solid spiritual time in reading and study (in addition to my quiet time each morning). I don't have this down yet, but I'm working on it because I yearn for more discipline in my life so that I can become more deeply identified with Jesus Christ.

5. Jason and I are going to sit down and make a budget today. I'm actually really excited about it. We want to be better stewards of the financial blessings the Lord gives us, so that He can use us to bless others and stop living without boundaries and discipline.

6. We just began discussing / praying about finding a smaller and less expensive apartment when our lease is up so as to not live beyond our means and pay off debt more quickly

7. Jason is taking the LSAT in 13 days. I think he'll do an amazing job :)

8. I miss teaching. I knew I would, but I really miss it. Not sure what the Lord has planned there :)

9. We had to buy Drano Friday night because I shed in the shower and my hair was clogging up our drain.

10. Maybe this is too personal, but everyone who knows me at all knows I am an open book- Jason and I practice the natural birth control method. It's working so far, and we are pretty careful. We believe children are a blessing, so we want to trust God for His timing with having a child, but at the same time we feel it would be irresponsible to have a baby before we have our "stupid debt" (aka non-student loans debt) paid off.

No tagging :) But if you wanna do this, too, you should!