Saturday, May 24, 2008

It Would be a Lie to Run Away

[The Cure for Pain, Jon Foreman, Spring EP]

We don't check in on here nearly enough. I (Tami) have my blog about my battle with sin and obesity that I update multiple times a week, and Jason is in the midst of super-busy pool season so his time for writing is about zilch. That said, for those who attempt to keep up with us via this lovefest of a blog, we should update you on life :)

We've spoken of it before, but we go to Mars Hill Church in Seattle now. We love it because the doctrine is sound, Jesus is preeminent, and the focus is on loving people and loving culture so that more can come to Christ. It's not about a happy-clappy Christian bubble where everyone has their tight-nit niche of friends and Jesus never travels farther than the next Christian-family gathering backyard barbeque. I used to think that was the goal of Christianity, but it's not. The goal is to love Jesus, live for Jesus, love others, and share Jesus with them so they can do the same. We became members and are prayerfully pursuing leadership of a community group.

We currently live in Bothell, a suburb about a half hour from the campus we attend in Ballard, and Jesus has captured our hearts for our beloved Seattle, so we're moving into the city! In mid-June we're going to be moving into a MIL unit of a godly couple from the church. He's a deacon over community groups and she's also in that ministry with him. He'll start training Jason up to lead and we really anticipate them being a couple in love with Jesus whom we can have true fellowship with. It's near Green Lake, a few blocks from the Zoo (woo-hoo!) and only about 10 minutes from the church. We're absolutely thrilled for the direction Jesus is taking our lives.

I'll post a few pics of our (soon to be) new digs, as well as my absolute favorite new pic of Seattle.

Thanks for the love!

Captions are below each pic ;)

The outside entrance- we get to use the driveway! I can't wait to buy a sweet gas grill and grill every night all summer long!

The lovely (HUGE!!) kitchen. We love to cook fresh, natural foods so this will be glorious :)

The entrance- look at the great natural light! It's only about 3 years old so everything is in great shape, like new windows, doors, great carpet, etc.

Isn't it beautiful? I can't wait to call this place home :)

Isn't this pic amazing? I love it. I stumbled across it on the web, so know that we didn't take it. Something about it realy resonates with me- the majesty of God over the city of Seattle, and the pillars of strength in Jesus that the city is so desperate for, so that His name can become great here. One day every knee will bow and every tongue confess Jesus is Lord- I just pray as many Seattleites as possible do so before it's the day they face judgment.