Tuesday, July 8, 2008

So Happy Together

So, now that we're official Seattle-ites, we have to poke fun at our beloved city. Who better to do so than this funny site found while reading the paper (ok, the Seattle Times online... same difference, right?):

The Naked Loon

Don't worry, it's not porn.

The thing with satire is that there are rules. For example, the only people allow to really love this site and make fun of Seattle are Seattle-ites, with one exception: Portland, OR. Potown is like our kid brother and he can laugh at us because, like any younger sibling, he acts like he's so cool and over it with all things related to Seattle but everything he does is a less original version of what we've done because he wants to be us. When he makes fun of us on his blog for being self-absorbed under our raincloud, sipping our macchiato while on our laptop in a non-Starbucks eclectic joint with our earbuds in, so no one will try to have a conversation, listening to music that will no longer be tolerable tomorow because five other people will like them, thus making them too pop(ular)... well, we see through his hate and ruffle his hair and tell him that all of his girlfriends used to hit on us when he left the room to go get more snacks.

Beyond Portland, there really is no one else with room to laugh and judge. California cities? They toss their fake hair over their spray tanned shoulders while soaking up skin cancer and scoff at us until they realize that their 2 bedroom dump of a house at least gets a Ballard craftsman in Seattle. Then they move here and pretend they're one of us. No one's fooled for a second. Texas cities? They can think whatever they want, so long as they stay in Texas. Other random cities? If you're from, say, St. Louis and you think you're all kinds of awesome and you beat down on Seattle because (you've heard) it rains here a lot... well, have your fun, but no one even regards you as a real city. Don't even get me started on OK City. Not even in the same league. As for a place like NYC... well, we need not compare nor waste our time because what's so great about Seattle is that it's not NYC. It's Seattle. And it's incredibly awesome. And we can make fun ourselves and no one else will even get it anyway and that's what makes us so great.

So, with no further adieu, here are two pics we found on the The Naked Loon that are TOO funny, and so Seattle.