Sunday, July 15, 2007

Sports Love!


We either watch or listen to every game because we rock.

In other news, the invitations are stuff and sealed. They just need addresses on them, which I am writing by hand and my hand writing sorta sucks (as many of you saw on your Save the Dates!) so that's gonna be fun.

This is Tami, by the way. Or Tam. Or Tamalam. Or Tam* (Clintonius Maximus has sole legal rights to that one, sorry). Or Tamikins. Or Thegreatestwomantoeverwalktheearth. Or Tami HiI'mawesome. Or Timtam (once again, Liz has sole legal rights to that one. Long story about Australia, a Christmas package, Matt, delicious chocolate cookies- called Timtams nonetheless- and choking on cookies soggy with hot chocolate because, apparently, in Australia they think Timtams make good straws). Or Rock Star. Or baby (Jason's got that one). Or Cami if you just met me and have hearing problems.

Uh, regardless of all. Of. That. Jason loves the Mariner's, too, so it wouldn't really matter who wrote this!!

We love the M's. We're going to see them play Oakland Thursday night and are serious about at least getting a 16 game pack for next season. Feel free to get us season tickets as THE BEST WEDDING PRESENT EVER! Seriously, that would mean more than a car, or a pimped out home theatre!

Ok, enough rambling. I just am being lazy about typing people into the address book for RSVP'ing to the wedding. I must get back to work!


In their honor, here's some photo love:

PS Notice the lovely Seattle skyline in the background
PPS Notice the AWSOME Qwest Field back there, too! You'll hear loads about the Seahawks in probably about a month :)