Tuesday, August 7, 2007

In the arms of Your mercy I find rest

[East to West, Casting Crowns]

SO much has been happening... I know I've done a terrible job of updating! We've really been that busy. Just thing after thing after thing to be done... ugh! But it's good, and it's for such a wonderful purpose- we're en route to becoming man and wife!

I feel like there must be really wonderful, insightful, meaningful things to say... but, if there are, they seem to have escaped me :) So, suffice it to say that I LOVE this new song (the one referenced in the title) because I so often relate to it's message- the feeling of being just one more mistake away from belonging to Christ at all. But instead, I am reminded that Jesus removes my sin as far as the east is from the west- they never meet. I am not defined by my sin. Such a needed reminder.

In other news... Jason has a very exciting story to tell. I think it's puh-retty stinking awesome, too, but I'll wait for him to be able to tell it because I think he'll just really love that :)

Other than that, life is wonderful, I love every second of planning the day that will end with me becoming the wife of my favorite man in the world, and I am increasingly blessed day by day to grow more intimate with Christ. I won't pretend there aren't trying moments, but overall I simply have a wonderful life.

Praise be to God :) I'll try to promise another update by next Thursday! No more slacking! Boooooo!