Tuesday, August 14, 2007

I really need you in my life

[Wait For You, Elliot Yamin]

Ok, my dear man Jason just never has time to update. Ergo, I shall on his behalf.

So, last week, he went to work, and a man stopped him and said, "Hey, you were on TV this morning" (or something to that effect). Long story short, the guy was watching 1st... and 10 on ESPN, which just so happens to be our much loathed Skip Bayless' show.

We, primarily in jest, sent wedding invites to Bill Simmons, Adam Morrison, and Skip Bayless (though Jas holds out hope they'll actually come!). Additionally, we sent an invite for all at Jason's work, so they put it up on a bulletin board that everyone sees. The guy watching the ESPN show heard Bayless saying something about not going to some wedding, and suddenly realized that he recognized the invitation Bayless was holding as the same one on the bulletin board at work! So... Jas and I were sort of on TV :)

Then, it gets better-- yesterday I received a few more RSVP's for the wedding, and one was postmarked from New York, NY. We invited people I know from Rochester, NY (yeah, that yo' mom and pop, Bec!) so Jas just sort of assumed it was from them. Instead, it was totally from Skip! Yeah, that's right, we're on a first name basis now. Granted, I still think he's a terrible sportscaster! But first name basis stands. ;)

There was some bullocks about also being a Christian and believing his duty was to tell the truth, which was why he knocked on the 'Hawks and Ammo-- yeah, I went there-- BULLOCKS!, but it was pretty decent of him to respond.

Since this has a sports theme, may I also just say that I LOVE THEM? I finally watched the ESPY's that I recorded over a month ago (that would be the sports awards done by ESPN, for you non-rock stars who don't know). Sports are just so moving. They go beyond conflict, beyond race and gender and grudges and hate, rising above and uniting people in that moment when the touchdown is scored, the home run is hit, the three pointer knocked down, the puck or futbol hits the net.

In a world where religion and skin color sets one person against another at birth due to deeply rooted prejudices, it's incredible that regardless of race, nation, or creed we can feel that burst of triumph when David- Boise State- takes down Goliath- Oklahoma- in the Fiesta Bowl. We smile and nod when Peyton finally gets his ring. A tear smarts our eye when the Saints take the field for the first time in the Superdome and it's about so much more than just a football game. They gave that stadium- and a city, a region, a country, even the world- hope that ruins can rise up in triumph.

Jesus Christ is the ultimate hope. But how beautiful it is when a simple game defies adversity and unites those who normally would never even meet eyes if passing by on the street-- or even those who intentionally never end up on the same street.

I love sports.

We have some bias of our own-- Go Mariners! Go Seahawks! And we still have a special place in our hearts for the Patriots and Red Sox :)