Thursday, August 30, 2007

Soon and very soon...

The big day is barely over a week away.


Between items getting shipped to the wrong place, me realizing that there are 90 million little details that have to be written to a T, and job hunting (plus Jason pulling in 90 hour work weeks to fund the wedding while I am between jobs)... things are CRAZY.

So, the twenty second update:

Tomorrow I am interviewing with a local nanny agency and to do contract (1 year long) work with the world's largest software company. In addition, I'm applying to teach high school social studies (a local job sort of fell onto my lap, which is the only way I said I would consider teaching). There are options, and who knows if God's best is for any one of them to work out.

We're both looking to get involved with the Youth Group at Church, and our first young marrieds event is this Sunday-- BaconFest 3. Jason just about passed out when he found out that we get to be judges, lol.

So that's that! I need to get back to work now, though, so I hope you all are well! Please say hi and let us know how you are doing!