Tuesday, September 18, 2007

It's been awhile...

Ok, so it's been like 85 years since we updated. Or two and half weeks. Whatever :)

The wedding was beautiful and perfect. The best part was just having so many people who mean so much to us all in the same place at the same time. It was just the biggest blessing to see people every phase of our lives all together, getting to know each other and finding that they have more in common than just mutual acquaintance with the two of us.

The honeymoon was also perfect- we stayed at a super nice room in Bellevue the first night, and since it was our wedding night they upgraded us for free to a room WAAAAAAY nicer than anything we would ever pay for! Then we went to Ocean Shores, and I remembered just how much I love the Pacific Ocean. It has a majesty about it that I can't explain, a quiet power that I am in awe of. One cool thing about the beach there, though, is that in the non-peak season you can drive right on the beach. That was awesome, since it was kind of too cold for walking on the beach. So we slowly drove and just enjoyed the sand and surf.

One note is that a very crafty little matron of honor wrote "Honk 4 Sex" on the two rear windows of our rental car, so Saturday night we kept getting honked at and just assumed people were randomly congratulating us on our nuptials. This message, however, was REALLY embarrassing for Jason when he dropped me off at my job interview Monday afternoon- at a high school, right at the front entrance, and just as school was getting out, so EVERYONE saw it. He was a bit mortified, to say the least. He was really annoyed when I asked why he didn't just roll those windows down, but the adorable man was so perturbed at the situation that he just decided to speedily go park way out of the vicinity of the kids. :)

So beyond that, we're just settling in. I'm still trying to get a job, and we're trusting God through an extremely frustrating broken car situation. We're getting involved with the high schoolers at church and just seeking to live a life of purpose as two-becoming-one and no longer as mere individuals.

So... enjoy a couple of honeymoon pics- wedding pics will come but we haven't seen them yet either, so be patient!

Note: the mark on his neck is not a burn ;)