Saturday, September 22, 2007

This is the last night you'll spend alone

[The Last Night, Skillet]

Life is so great right now! We love being married. We're discovering simply how good and hard married life can be. You never realize how selfish you are until you are married and really need to put the other person above yourself consistently. But we love one another deeply and I have so much respect for him as such an amazing man.

He went to an open house at the law school he is hoping to attend, but I'll let him write about that later.

One last little tidbit is that we went to our first Young Marrieds Bible Study last night and it was awesome. It was such a blessing to be surrounded by people our age who love the Lord and are at a similar place in life. We are so blessed by what God is doing in us right now. I need a job, and we need me to have reliable transportation, but we're embracing it as a chance to see God, to find His will, to ask for and receive His wisdom, to testify of His work in our lives to the world around us, and most of all, to grow deeper in our relationship with Him. It's a trial, and it's trying at times, but we rejoice in the opportunity for our endurance to grow.

Most wonderful of all is that the Bible study is in the book of James. Go give the first 7 or so verses of chapter one a look and you'll see how beautifully it fits into our lives right now :)